The Top Three Bitcoin Predictions for 2021

Happy New Year CoinStats followers, especially as Bitcoin explodes past $34,000, then corrects back below $30,000, and then moves back above $30,000. The price volatility—indeed—continues to remain a risk for the faint-hearted.

Bitcoin’s Drop Has Done Little in Shaking Its Bullish Momentum

Bitcoin has a crucial task ahead to determine whether its record-setting bull run in 2020 is a repeat of 2017’s pump-and-dump scenario or its first step towards a long-term ascent. In the last seven days, the benchmark cryptocurrency signaled the former. Its price took a beating, falling more than 30 percent from its yearly high…

Why Gold Fell Drastically Last Week and Bitcoin Didn’t

At one point on Monday, Bitcoin was down 4.30 percent from its opening rate at $15,482. Traders who considered the cryptocurrency as their true hedge against the economic meltdown led by the coronavirus lockdowns suddenly felt the need to not holding it. The reason was simple: they thought there won’t be extended lockdowns in the…